Sterling Heights Dentures dentistAny person with regular dentures knows that eating a steak or biting on an apple is usually worrisome due to the fact that your dentures might slip and slide as they lose their attachment to the gums.

The solution for this is getting the denture installed on implants in the jaw. Implant-supported dentures lock the denture in place, offering people peace of mind that their dentures are not going to slip when eating or speaking in front of people.

People usually choose from a permanent or a removable implant-supported denture. A removable denture enables the patient to wash the denture easier, whereas a permanent denture is constantly worn in the mouth, permitting the patient to feel like they are real teeth. Both systems have their benefits and the needs of the patient will guide our doctors at Sterling Dental to the best recommendation.

Implant-supported dentures or partials can bring back natural function and a confident smile for folks who might be missing several or all of their teeth. Contact the team at Sterling Dental today for more information.