piezo-scaler-woodpecker-sterling-dentalWhen it comes to cleaning your teeth, few dental instruments can match the power and speed of an ultrasonic scaler. In the experienced hands of Sterling Dental’s hygienists, these high-tech instruments can remove bacteria along with hard deposits that your toothbrush can’t touch. An added benefit of the ultrasonic scaler is that and they can even help moderately stained teeth look brighter. Ultrasonic scalers are used to remove calculus rapidly from the tooth surface. Doctors and staff here at Sterling Dental use this technology to improve our patients oral health.

How Ultrasonic Dental Scaler Works

The scaling tip vibrates and follows a pattern depending on power rating and type – elliptical, curved linear or figure of 8. The water is energized as it passes through the tip to provide cavitation, which results in a scouring action.

Any patient who requires debridement and a deep cleaning procedure to remove bacteria and gingival tissue will benefit from this next-generation tool. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dental hygienists at Sterling Dental to give your gums and teeth a deep cleaning that won’t leave you cringing during the procedure.