Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a great tool to use in the prevention of tooth decay with children. Dental sealants are put on teeth, specifically molars having significant crevices exactly where bacteria can accumulate and bring about cavities. The sealant fills in the crevices developing a wall to shield each tooth’s surface.

If the utilization of sealants are accompanied by a dental health strategy that includes routine dental examinations and cleanings, fluoride, proper diet and also good at-home dental care, we are able to drastically lower and/or stop the amount of cavities experienced by children.

Sterling Dental’s dentists and staff can help you protect your child’s teeth by applying dental sealants. Bring your child in for a visit at our office in Sterling Heights and we’ll be happy to consult you with all the options available to protect your child’s teeth at an early age before it becomes more complicated, expensive and unhealthy.